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Finance strategy

A guide which can allow you to ensure that you have the right help when it comes to managing your finance.

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We can help you cut costs while not compromising on the core aspects at the business end.

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A legal entity who will make sure that any financial decision you take will keep you safe in the eyes of law.

Finance Consulting for World-Class Performance

1) Organizational Effectiveness

We can make sure that without guidance you can find the help which will allow you to have a profitable organisation.

2.) Working Capital Management

We will trying to bring in ways which will allow you to increase the working capital of your business.

3.) Globalized Process Sourcing

We have the some experts who have the capability to take your business to new heights.

4.) Planning And Performance Management

Our experts will provide you with a plan allowing you to take your business to the next step with the right guidance.

Small Business Financial Consulting, Startup & Advisors

Reduce The Risk

We can find you ways which will allow you to stay at your best financial statement.

Diagnostics & Due Diligence

We will make sure that the plan given to your have the right plan that will work for your business.

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The Difference Between Debt and Equity Financing

Most of the people are confused with debt financing and equity financing. But in real equity financing is more efficient than the debt financing. The fundamental feature is that equity financing carries no repayment obligations and provides more working capital which can be later used to extend your business.

Almost every company has the options to use either debt financing or equity financing. The choice always depends on which sources provide desired amount with simple processes. It also depends on the cash flow and also the maintenance of the company. The basic feature depends upon the ratio of the debt and equity of the company. There are many differences between debt financing and equity financing. Let us see it in detail

What are the features of Equity financing?

Equity financing

There are multiple features and advantages of equity financing, like in equity financing, there are no obligations to repay the money. No doubt this will cost the company profit but yet it will also fetch an enormous amount of revenue to the company. It allows the equity investors to gain a good retune in investment. The significant advantage is that it will not expect any interest or payments like debt financing.

Equity financing also possesses no burden on any of the companies. Since they do not need the monthly payments, the company will have more capital left with it to grow their business.

To avail these benefits, you need to provide the investor with a certain amount of percentage of your company. You can share your profits and consider your new partner during any decisions. The best way of removing the new investors is by buying them. This can be highly expensive than purchasing the investment.

What are the features of Debt Financing?

Debt Financing

Debt financing possesses many restrictions, unlike equity financing. They induce many checks and barriers to company activities. There is always a benefits side leaning upon the investor side than the company. There is limited flexibility when it comes to eth future borrowing.

There are n numbers of benefits as debt financing alone, and they are the lender has no control over your business. After you pay the credit cover, there exists no more relationship between the financer and your company. The interest you pay as the repayment has tax-deductible. The depreciation of the loans is very simple. The loan payments do not fluctuate and cover a static amount of cash flow.

A debt recovery thing is straightforward through debt finances. If your company runs out of funds and fall under debt or experience chronic financial meltdown, then you always need recovery finance. The debts financing and equity financing are the once, which will help your company to get back to balance.

5 tips for negotiating a Business Loan

Funding is a crucial element of every business. If you do have sufficient funding, it becomes hard for you to run your business efficiently. If you are looking for some best tips to get your business loans, then here is a list of best ones. Follow the article till the end to nail best credits.

1.     Get the right bank

Finding and getting the right bank is highly essential, especially when you are applying for the loans. Make sure you do your homework before you approach any bank. Doing your research or homework with regarding the credits is the best way of getting it right. Do not hesitate to compare the rates of different banks. You can even take suggestions from your peers regarding the same and then go ahead with further steps.

2.    Know the rate of interest

rate of interest

The first and foremost element that matters when you apply for loans are the rates of benefits. No matter how well you know the banking system, it is very advisable to see the bank rates and make a comparative study of it. When you take a piece of paper and calculate the interest rate, you will know exactly how much money you are going to save. So make it sure that you will know the right interest rates of the credit that you are going to borrow.

3.    Know the terminology

The usage of banking terminology to convince and confuse the customers is the comprehensive strategy the financial industry uses. To play smarter than them, make sure you know the frequently used language, the exact meaning of it and the relevance of those terminologies in your concerns. When you show the world that you are aware of things, there are many chances for you to get fooled.

4.    Increase the loan amount

Increase the loan amount

This is the very fundamental goal of every loan application. To obtain a desirable amount as a loan, it is complicated and sometimes impossible. Keeping all these circumstances in mind. The customers should quote fr a more substantial amount. Anyways the bank will never abide by the entire amount you demand, hence be wiser and ask for more funds so that you will get the sufficient amount in the back end.

5.    Personal guarantee

Know the procedure of loans, even before you avail it. Knowing things can reduce your future burden. It will keep your alarmed and alter with your cash flow. This will also help you nail most of your side launches that drain your money without your notice. Be your guarantee. Be prepared for all the situations. You may or might not get a loan, do not let yourself under pressure. Try to manage it with your manipulative words, because that is how it works in the lending business.

The Pros and Cons of Financing a startup with credit cards

Most of the entrepreneurs withhold their dreams because of the lack of funding. Are you planning to use your Credit card to start a business? If you are looking for the pro and cons of using a credit card for startups, then you have landed the right kind of web page. In this article, I am going to give you a complete insight regarding the advantages and disadvantages of Credit cards.

What are the pros of credit card funding?

There are many pros when it comes to funding using a credit card. It will stand like support and will minimize your burden of fund collection. It also reduces the challenges that come from other loans. Few of the best advantages are:

  • The ability to retain maximum equity

credit card

Most of the people who desire to start up their own business will have a line of confidence. They fail to get the insights of overall expensive that idea hit them. The more trouble and challenges you give your company is the more risk you have to face regarding the financial score of the company. It might also contribute to the selling or closing of the company. Having a safe and minimum fund, even if there are low chances of the financial meltdown is exceedingly considerable.

  • Low-interest rates

Usually, credit cards come with very low-interest rates. Even though it gives marginal profits to the banks compared to eth personal loan and business loans, almost every bank insists distributing credit cards t eth customers. This is because even people are aware of the consequences and the advantages of credit cards.

  • They are bank imposed

Credit cards come with low-interest rates, and most often, they are limited to smaller purchases. It is completely bank imposed and has less burned on the customers. You cannot buy extensive loans over credit cards. Credit cards are friendlier than other types of loans.

What are the cons of credit card funding?

Like the advantages, credit card funding does have disadvantages. Some of the obstacles are listed below.

  • They cannot act as a security

Credit cards are not for security purposes. It cannot take the place of an asset. Credit cards have their margins and are not entertained to cross them for great financial activities.

  • It can damage your financial scores

The credit scores denote the essential impression of the financial industry. A little damage to the credits card business can affect your entire financial performance and opinion. It cannot be reverted since the scores are one time and you do not know how and when it has happened.

  • Credit cards are unstable

Credit cards are highly unpredictable. They do not provide stability like liquid cash. The payments made by the credit cards have less weightage than the other means.

Credit cards or loans?

The majority of new businesses will fund their start up costs with a loan, it is very rare that a new business will be granted a business credit card. In order for a business to apply for a credit card, 1 years worth of trading history accounts will be needed. As a new business does not have any trading history, it is likely that no lender will offer a credit card.

Most businesses will use a loan to fund their start up costs. Start up loans can vary in size usually anywhere between £500 – 50,000 although the majority of start up costs are towards the lesser end of the scale. Start up loans can be applied for online with new age lenders, however if you are looking at applying with a bank you will more thna likely need a face to face consultation. Payday Pixie provide UK Loans to start up businesses despite the word ‘payday’ being in their title they also offer loans of up to £50k through another one of their brands.

Low-Investment Business Ideas

There are many people who are struggling to meet ends with their regular jobs and with the right influx towards big cities and people are looking to make sure that there is a multitude of jobs which allows people to get the right landscape which fails to provide the relief when it comes to living standards if you are looking to start your business with the low investment business ideas.

Food Truck

A food truck is not an alien concept but is one of the best ways to get started on a low investment business ideas. Try to make sure that you have the right vibes going on, which will help you attract the right audience. The mobility of the food truck will also allow you to reach a certain location at the right time. A food truck can easily get you the right attention and get going with food sales.


Ice Cream Parlours

Ice creams is something that can never go out of demand. Ice cream can make sure that you have the right ideals of getting the right business venture. They are very minimal and requires basic equipment and also needs less staffing. This is one of the perfect ways to get around the city without having to worry about losses.


Preschools can be opened on any small domestic place and is a one-time investment. A good preschool is innovative and is one of the greatest ways to get parents attracted to working parents. Owning a preschool is a huge responsibility and can require your full attention to the children.

Laundry services

Laundry services is one which does not require you to spend a lot. You can easily lure customers with cheaper yet quality services. Try to pick and drop the services, which will be an essential way to reach the customer base. You can attract attention by offering complementary services like a small cafe and other readings.

Bookshops+ cafe

This combination of bookshops and cafe is a huge hit which can be the best installations in the metro cities. It is important you understand the audience, which can be a proven way to meet the daily ideals, especially when you are meeting them for the first time.

House cleaning services

There are many applications nowadays who have opened up a new world of cooking and cleaning. These services are limited to big cities. Try to make sure that you can make your services known, allowing you to adapt to a new website without having to pay a huge amount of money in investments.


One has to make sure that they have the right packages planned, which can give you a profitable business. This is one with low stakes and high investments which requires a lot of time and knowledge. Try to stick to a theme and customers will get attracted to your business almost instantly.

Finance Tips All Business Owners Should Follow

Finances are something that many people struggle especially when one is an entrepreneur. Finances are an integral part of a business which can allow you to run a small business efficiently which can improve the accounting practices. There are many things that you can do keep your finances at bay.

Don’t Procrastinate

This is one mistake that most entrepreneurs make as they try to put off bookkeeping as much as possible. If you are not at your financial best you can get help from apps like Quickbooks which will make sure that you are keeping track of the transactions. Small business accounting is completely unmanageable even if you are looking to send out few invoices or track some expenses.

Understand your seasonal cash flow

cash flow

This is another tip which can help startups understand the seasonal cash flow. There are many pointers which comes from personal experience and there are many seasons which experiences the right spikes. Try to make sure that you take the right seasons into play and work your finances as this will allow you to have a stable cash flow when the company is going through any slow periods.

Focus on your core strength

This is one issue which has a lot to do with startups as there are lot of things where you money is going to be spend. Try to make sue that you are creating everything from scratch. If there is a coder in your team you can be sure that you are creating everything from scratch but building apps from the scratch can give you a solution but can shift your focus as well. The way in which you take this approach is to make sure that you do not waste your time. There are few pennies that you can save but you need to make sure that you still save some. It is an effective measure to ensure that you are using the right tools which can be perfected rather than trying to reinvent the wheel on your own.

If you have to work more per week you are not profitable


This is one lesson that can be of interest as one can be big on growth hacking. Do not  try to approach business in every way shape or aspect. Try to pick a particular aspect which is one way to interest your assertion to work extra hours to keep your business afloat. Too many entrepreneurs blow through their early stages by putting all the energy and efforts into the business at the expense of their health and relationships. This is one which can be used for your financial calculations which is not suitable or sustainable.

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